The power of simplicity


I learned to appreciate ‘the power of simplicity’ when living in Italy for a couple of years. Like good food; a sun ripened tomato doesn’t need much more to be delicious. You see that also in my work; things can be simple, but real and of good quality.

I like details, creativity, teamwork, respect for each other and the effort that people put in their work. If those things come together, I’m sparkling. The power is in the attention that you give.

What do I do?

Sparkling drawings

With a tailor-made gift, that captures what the receiver cares about, you’ll make an un-erasable impression.

I like to capture experiences, like you where there. It can be a house, your company,  a little detail..

Unique one of a kind presents or to use for the branding of you company.

Event management

I like to organize. Teamwork, respect for each other and the effort that people put in their work, are key to me.

I had the change to work on these fabulous events: Some of my projects:

Building websites

Based on a WordPress theme, I loved to make these sites. Giving you a sparkle

Some of my projects:

Italy it is

Italy was my home land for a couple of years. I remained in love with the country, the language,
the food and off course my friends.

In the tours that I organize, together with local partners,
I let you taste the country as a local. Specialized in Food, Wine & Culture.


Do what your heart tells you to do.



Marlies Meijerink-Kruger
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